Why Baseball is America’s Favorite Past Time

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Baseball is the perfect sport, which makes for the perfect memories on a perfect summer afternoon. There are few things more enjoyable than heading to the ballpark and taking in a game of your favorite team versus their rivals, which makes the case for baseball as America’s favorite past time. After all, there are few moments that are likely to stick in your mind like a walk-off homerun in the bottom of the ninth with the bases loaded and a full count.

But it’s not all about the big hits that make baseball great. Instead, here are some other reasons why baseball is America’s favorite past time.

The Comradery

If there’s one thing that is great about all sports, it’s that it brings together people from all walks of life for one common goal: to crush the other team. When you go to the ballpark to watch your favorite team, you’ll be surrounded by other fans who are as passionate as you are. The comradery that you develop with strangers who turn to friends because of a common passion for a team is unlike anything else. And as you’ll see at the ballpark, diehard baseball fans put all other sports fans to shame.

The Tastes

Whether it’s a foot-long hotdog or a piling mound of nachos, the food at the ballpark is going to fill your belly. Those that are of age can grab a beer, while younger guests can munch down on cotton candy. Whatever it is that has whets your appetite, you’ll be sure to find it at a baseball game.

BaseballThe Smells

When you walk into a ballpark, the first thing you smell might be the fresh popcorn popping right in front of you. But as you get closer to the field, your senses will light up with the smell of freshly cut grass and other summer scents. There are so many smells at the ballpark, which is unlike any other pastime in America.

The Strikeout

There are few things more exciting than a strikeout. With all of the attention on the mound and all of the commotion going on around them, it’s amazing to see a pitcher throw a 90-mph fastball down the pipe three times in a row for a strikeout.

The Home Run

And yet, what’s even more exciting than a strikeout might just be a home run. To take that 90mph fastball and hit it out of the park with an instant reaction has to be one of the most amazing accomplishments in sports.

The Feeling Of October

There’s nothing like the feeling of October in baseball. Teams that nobody expected to be there can all of a sudden make a push at the World Series. Players that nobody has heard of all of a sudden become household names thanks to unforgettable moments in the playoffs. There is truly nothing like the feeling of October, thanks to the MLB Playoffs.

There’s a lot of way to spend your time. But when you think of all that baseball offers, it’s easy to see what it’s America’s favorite past time.

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