Which Email Is Right For Me?

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If you didn’t hear, Verizon recently discontinued offering email as a service. If you were using Verizon as your email provider all of your email service will be switched to AOL, but it will be a big change from what you are used to. Is there a better option? Below is a guide to helping pick which email service is right for you!


Gmail is the email service offered by Google, so you know it is reliable. Gmail allows you to create accounts for free and you can use the email service without ever paying a dollar. You will have more storage than you will ever know what to do with even with the free version, so having too many emails is never an issue. One thing that sets Gmail apart from the other email providers is how easy it is to use on phones. Gmail is one of the biggest providers so it is easy to add onto any phone, tablet, or computers mail app. There is also a dedicated Gmail app that you can download and use that will be perfect on phones, especially iPhones. It allows you to add multiple accounts and switch back and forth seamlessly. Since Gmail is used by the vast majority of companies for their corporate emails, it makes a lot of sense to use for your personal email. For most people, including businesses, Gmail is more than capable of handling all the things they need it to.


Outlook is Microsoft’s email service and is not quite as common as Gmail, but still very popular. It comes pre-downloaded on a lot of new computers that you buy, especially ones that run on Windows. This is the biggest advantage to using Outlook, it integrates very well with all kinds of different things. For example, if you are using a computer and hit the “share via email” button it will usually open an Outlook window. If you have an Outlook account you can easily share the content, but if you don’t you will have to use a roundabout way to send it. This is also true when sending different Microsoft Office documents, like Word docs or Powerpoints. Microsoft makes all kinds of different technology so using their email service will have lots of advantages like this. As with Gmail, creating a Microsoft Outlook account is free and easy.

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail is another major email service provider to choose from. It is laid out very similarly to Gmail and is very easy to use, especially on phones. Yahoo can be added to most major phones mail apps but also has it’s own app that can be downloaded. The difference being that very few businesses will be using Yahoo for emails, so your company email and personal email could end up being in separate apps. With the Gmail app, you can easily have work and personal emails under the same app which is obviously much more convenient. You get 1TB of free storage with Yahoo which is more than most other free email services, so if you know you will be saving a lot of emails or frequently sending and receiving large files, Yahoo could be the best choice for you.


If you have an Apple device you can create and use an iCloud email. This has a few advantages but really doesn’t make much sense if you will be using it a lot. It is pretty hard to access and use iCloud email services on a computer, but it is good on a phone. The service is meant for mainly mobile use and will be a struggle if you plan on using it on the computer. Unless you have some kind of special situation, there is probably no point in using iCloud as your primary email service provider.

You may not think there are many differences between email providers, and for the most part you are right. All of the ones above will work in most situations, but there are some exceptions. No matter what you choose, there is almost no time when paying for an email service would make any sense.

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