Ways to Upgrade/Put a Twist on Your Morning Coffee

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Your cup of Joe–java–mud–hot brew–whatever you like to call it–is a staple for getting through those groggy mornings. We all struggle in the morning without that much-needed kick of caffeine. Coffee has become an American mainstay of morning routines. Like any routine, brewing the same cup of coffee every day can get boring really quickly. You’ve tried the different blends and roasts, but it’s still the same old coffee. Perk up your mornings by using a few new techniques to upgrade your coffee game.

  1. Ketogenic Coffee: You’ve probably heard of the low carb, and low sugar diets like South Beach and Atkins. As we learn more and more about nutrition and how food interacts with our bodies, new diets and trends start popping up. The Ketogenic diet is about keeping your fat levels high, and your carbs and proteins lower. To make a ketogenic coffee, brew up your favorite blend, and toss it in a blender. Then add a tablespoon of unsalted butter with 2 teaspoons of coconut oil. Blend it all together and enjoy! It’s a thicker and delicious twist on your coffee. You’ll also notice that you are more alert without the jitters, and you’ll stay full longer through the day.
  2. Add in spices: Sweetening your coffee with sugar is nice, but it can get boring. If you are like many others, then you are trying to avoid using sugar wherever you can. Here are some excellent alternatives to make your coffee extra delicious.
    • Cinnamon: You can top your cup off with some ground cinnamon, or you can brew with it. Use a French press and add your coffee grounds. Then take a stick of cinnamon and break it a few times and put it in with the grounds. Pour your hot water in to the level that you want to drink. Wait a few minutes to brew, and push the plunger down. It’s extra flavorful!
    • Cardamon: This is an Eastern taste that you don’t see as often in the West, but it an excellent way to jazz up your cup of Joe. It’s a strong flavor, so start with just one pod or bean of cardamom per cup of coffee. Grind the beans together, and brew with the desired method.
    • Vanilla Extract: You can sweeten your coffee without all of the sugars and creamers. Just use a few drops of Vanilla or Almond extract to give your coffee a boost.
    • Peppermint Oil: Perfect for the holidays! Do the same thing as you did with the vanilla extract to make your morning coffee Christmas approved.
    • Cocoa Nibs: Who doesn’t love chocolate?! Cocoa nibs are the beans before they become chocolate. They have a slightly different flavor and texture, but they add so much to the coffee. They have a nuttier flavor and you can crunch them as you sip.
  3. New Creamers: We’ve been finding out that more and more people are sensitive to bovine milk. Other milk alternatives are popping up everywhere, and we love it!
    • Coconut Milk: This tropical fruit also gives us a delicious alternative to milk. It’s naturally sweet and full of vitamins and minerals. It’s perfect for calming a stomach and adding rich flavor.
    • Almond Milk: This milk is made from pressing the almond flesh. It has a similar taste to skim milk, but it has more antioxidants. It also has a nutty flavor, and there are sweetened versions that you can purchase. It’s excellent over cereal or as a stand alone for a cool drink.
    • Goat Milk: You may have to find a local farm to purchase some goat’s milk, but it’s a real treat if you can find it. Goat’s milk has less lactose and more vitamins and minerals than cow’s milk. It does have a stronger earthy flavor, but it is perfect in a cup of coffee to add a richer cream.

You can mix and match a few of these ideas to find your new favorite twist on coffee. Put some cocoa nibs in with coconut milk, try a few drops of vanilla extract in with your ketogenic coffee, or try some cardamom and goat’s milk for a Turkish inspired cup. Add a little something extra to your mornings–you deserve it!

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