Volunteer Opportunities Near Pine Hill, NJ That You Can Start Today

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Volunteering is an incredibly rewarding experience that builds your character while improving the lives of others. Think about your personal passions and where you feel a strong urge to help. Do you want to work with young children, or would you prefer to help abused women? No matter what the issue is, there is a need that your specific personality and skill set meets.

  1. Acacia Hospice: One of the biggest needs in hospice care is companionship for the patients. Hospice patients often spend long days alone. If they do have a caretaker, it’s usually an elderly family member who needs assistance with caring for their loved one. By becoming a volunteer, you will help ease the pain of those who are in the last season of their life. You can be a friend to those who need it most. It can also greatly enrich your life by hearing all of the wonderful stories and wisdom that people in their later years are able to provide.
    If nothing else, you can give their caretaker a few hours of a break during the week to rest and take care of other life matters. If companionship isn’t your gift, then you can assist the hospice in other ways. Help out in the administration staff, answer phone calls, and help with customer service. The nurses and staff need all of the extra help that they can get to help provide the best care available.
  2. Crisis Counselor: You don’t have to go to a brick and mortar location to help others. Start your volunteer service by being a crisis counselor for those in dealing with thoughts of suicide, abuse, and other extreme cases. You will communicate with people via text message whenever you decide to go on shift. It’s a 24/7 text help center for anyone who reaches out. You’ll be trained how to communicate with people who are going through difficult moments in their life, and how best to speak to them to have the best outcome possible.
  3. Girl Scout Troop Leader: There’s a lot more to the Girl Scouts than their cookies. They teach young girls skills that they typically wouldn’t be exposed to in other areas. Things like survival tactics, how to manage money, sewing, basic defense, and physical health. The girls need strong role models to look up to and emulate. Organize fun events and exercises for them to accomplish. Teach them what you know, and you’ll learn much more along the way.
  4. United Way: When you put your name in to volunteer with United Way, you can be guaranteed that you’ll be placed in a valuable role to help fight perpetual poverty. United Way will assess where your strengths are and place you in a position that will best suit you to give back. You’ll love what you are doing, and feel good while you’re doing it!

Request to start volunteering as soon as you can to begin your journey to giving back. You’ll have a love for the work that you are doing, and be able to see a real change in the community due to your efforts. Through the work, you’ll gain knowledge, experience, and a new outlook on life.

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