Today’s Best Music Apps For Your Smartphone

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Thanks to your smartphone, you never have to leave home without your favorite tunes. Whether you load up your music playlist with purchased songs or you use an app to stream trending new beats, you have countless music options in the palm of your hand and flowing through your earbuds.

With so many different options to choose from, here are some of today’s best music apps for your smartphone. Start with these options and who knows what new music you’ll fall in love with.

iTunes Radio

iTunes Radio is likely the newest worthy addition to your smartphone. This service streams some of the most popular songs on iTunes Radio, based on the channel selection that you choose. If you like a song, you can then easily purchase it and have it placed directly into your iTunes library. iTunes Radio is great for iPhone users.


Spotify has long been in the conversation for best music apps, and it still remains near the top of that list. Spotify is great because you can sync it to your desktop or tablet device, which offers your playlists no matter where you go. You can also create and share your playlists, and even follow others.  The option to also play the music you want, when you want it, is another reason why Spotify is one of the best options for on-demand streaming music services on your smartphone.


Like Spotify, Pandora is another app that continues to reign supreme, even amongst many other new apps. That’s likely because they continue to offer new music on their channels, while expanding their library with new music on a regular basis. If you’ve gotten used to Pandora as your main music player, there’s good reason to keep relying on it moving forward.


Tidal received plenty of coverage during it’s launch due to it’s high-profile board of creators. It’s known as a great streaming audio service with nearly unmatched quality. You can stream at 320kbps AAC, which only a handful of other providers offer. Tidal also offers unique new sounds from artists that you may have never heard of before.


Looking to find the newest hits before all of your friends? If so, look no further than Sound Cloud on your smartphone. Even though Soundcloud doesn’t have a lot of the Top Hits, it does have plenty of new music that you’ll hear here before anywhere else. Never miss the beat with Soundcloud on your device.


Songza is a favorite because it always seems to find the perfect song to fit the mood. As soon as you open the app, you’re met with a user interface that asks what you’re in the mood for. It suggests songs based off the time of day it is, by then guessing what sort of activities you may be doing. Whether you’re working on Wednesday or partying on Friday, find the right song to fit the mood with Songza.

With today’s best music apps for your smartphone, you’ll always have your favorite music within reach.

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