Tips for Planning a Surprise Party

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A special someone in your life is turning a little older, and you want to make them feel overwhelmed with love on their big day. A great way to make them feel extra special is to plan a surprise party. Think of the perfect party that your birthday boy/girl would love, and gather up all your friends to make this happen. There are a few tips to help your surprise party go over without a hitch.

  1. Tight Lips!: The entire point of the surprise party is the SURPRISE! Make sure that you keep your lips shut around the birthday boy/girl. When you invite your guests, make sure they know to keep things hush hush about the party. You’ll have to remind your guests over and over that this is a surprise. A great way to disseminate any accidental slip ups is to have a “fake” birthday party that is talked about. Have a small little party planned so that you can blame any accidental mentions on this party.
  2. Find Accomplices: You’ll need to store your party supplies somewhere, and have help distracting the birthday boy/girl on the big day. It’s best to have at least two people whom you make “partners in crime” to help put your event together. Have one person help you store the decorations and set up on the big day, and have the other person keep the birthday boy/girl occupied while you get the party together. You’ll need someone who is your close friend to help you set up, and someone who is their close friend to keep them busy.
  3. Choose the Destination: Figure out where you want the surprise to take place. Is it going to be at someone’s house? Or, are you going to rent out a space at a venue or a restaurant? Figure out what kind of party you’re looking to throw. Is it a fancy gathering, or is it casual and laid back? Think about the person you are throwing the party for, and choose what they would like the most.
  4. Plan the Diversion: This can be the trickiest part. You don’t want to give it away that you are being suspicious by kicking them out of the house, but at the same time, you need to get them away so you can pull things together. This is where your Partner in Crime #2 comes into play. Have them distract your birthday boy/girl with a fun time at the movies, shopping, at a spa, or whatever they enjoy. If you suspect that the birthday boy/girl will be unwilling to take the day off, then try to plan around their routine. If they always go to a dance class on Friday nights, then have the party ready to go by the time they get back.
  5. Secret Parking: The last thing you want is to give away the surprise right before they walk in the door. Keep everything under wraps by having your guests park down the block, or ask your neighbors if they can use their driveways. Don’t put any decorations outside to keep the party a secret until the very last second.
  6. Make it Memorable: Capture the moment that they walk in and see all of their friends! Have a designated photographer or a video to get the entire reaction on film. Before the big day, ask your guests to send you their favorite memory, quote, quirk, or joke that they share with the birthday boy/girl. You can put all of these memories together with a photo in a slideshow or a book to have at the party. It’s a unique way to celebrate how much you love the birthday boy/girl.

The look on their face will be all worth the extra planning. They’ll be overjoyed to see all of their loved ones in one room, and know that you thought of them the whole way through. Planning a surprise birthday party is a special way to show someone how much they mean to you. Gifts are great, but showing how much you care is the best thing that you can give.

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