Saving Money On Your Coffee Addiction

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If your day doesn’t start until after you’ve had a bit of caffeine, then you could be spending a hefty amount of money each month on coffee. The need for your favorite morning cup of Joe is real, so it’s not like you can skip it altogether. Instead, you’ll want to consider how you can stop dipping into your monthly savings, just to get that morning fix.

Here are some tips for saving money on your coffee addiction, so that you can keep functioning properly without going broke.

Know Your Brand

Despite what you may think, expensive doesn’t always mean better in the coffee industry. In reality, sometimes you may simply prefer a type of coffee based off aroma or taste. If you find something that you love, and it doesn’t come with a hefty price tag, then you’ll be spending less money on coffee that always hits the spot.

Buy Bulk Beans

CoffeeBuying your beans in bulk will save you money. The downside here is that you’ll have to buy a lot of one specific type of bean, which limits your options. However, if you’re that person from above who knows what they love, buying one type of bean in bulk will result in killer savings each month.

Join A Coffee Club

Instead of just one type, expand your horizons by joining a coffee club. The idea here is that the club buys in bulk and then it portions it out to its members. These clubs typically cost a monthly fee, which then comes with a select amount of coffee that you’ll receive. If the math works out to where this route is cheaper, it’s certainly a worthy consideration.

Get A Second Job

If you need a second job just to maintain the coffee habit, you may want to cut down on caffeine. However, if you’re simply looking to learn more about something you love, while also saving money on your caffeine costs, consider getting a part-time job at a coffee shop. It’ll hardly be work if it’s something you love, which is why this may be something you do.

Do It On Your Own

The coffee making prices should be an enjoyable one. It can be therapeutic and relaxing, as well as informative. Instead of letting someone else experience all of these things for you, do it on your own. Start by grinding your own beans at home. In addition, you can add flavors and spices to your coffee. This will give it that six-dollar coffee shop taste at a fraction of the price.  

Be Considerate Of Your Grounds

Don’t grind daily, but instead in bulk. Then carefully store your grounds in an airtight container, only spooning out what you need in measurements each day. This helps to avoid the necessity to dirty your grinder every day, which will save you a lot of time. A little bit more effort now will surely pay off over the course of the week.

Don’t Drink Out

Last, but not least, try to steer clear of drinking at overpriced coffee shops. We all do it, but avoid over consumption. You’ll be losing out on your savings each month, when you could be saving a small fortune by doing it all on your own.

When you need your fix, but want to avoid going broke, consider these tips for saving money on your coffee addiction.

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