Proper Etiquette For Any Tenant

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Although tenant-landlord relationships are between people, leasing contracts bound you to certain legal responsibilities as a tenant. Being a great tenant is more than just following the rules; you can build a mutually respectful relationship with your landlord or leasing office staff by using the proper etiquette as a tenant:

  1. Be Responsible: It’s a basic one, but it’s well appreciated by the landlord or leasing office: pay your rent on time. It’s no fun hunting people down and applying late fees, or even evicting those who are delinquent. It’s time-consuming and stressful for the landlord–not to mention, it hurts your credit. Make life easier on both of you, and have a plan to pay the rent on time every month.
  2. Be Honest: We all understand that life throws things at us that we never expect. When you get a curve ball tossed your way, be honest about it. Talk to the landlord or leasing office about your situation. Be honest if you know you can’t pay the entire rent on time. Discuss with them what can be done if you can’t make the full payment at the set time. If you have an issue that is pressing, don’t sit on it. Be honest, and tell them about what is bothering you. They would rather fix the issue if possible, than risk losing you as a tenant.
  3. Choose Your Battles: Not everything that bothers you needs to be brought to light. Don’t go to the landlord or lease office for every bump in the night, or child running down the halls. Expect little things to happen, and save your complaints for real concerns. If you constantly bring things up, then your real concerns will not be taken as seriously. Remember that you aren’t the only tenant, and sometimes other, more pressing concerns may come first.
  4. Be Respectful: Even when you are complaining about an issue, you can be respectful. Be calm in your approach, consider how your words will impact others, and never yell or curse. You can stand firm in your opinion without resorting to cheap antics to get your point across. Treat everyone like how you want to be treated, and things will go well for you.
  5. Treat As Your Own: Although you may not have your name on the property deed, you should still take care of the property that you are residing in. Report maintenance issues as soon as you see them, be gentle with the appliances, and keep the surfaces clean. Normal wear and tear is to be expected, but there are things that you can do to prevent extra damage from happening to the floors, cabinets, and appliances.

It doesn’t take much to clean up after yourself and be honest about what’s going on in your life. To be a great tenant, tell the landlord/leasing office immediately when something needs attention to avoid further damage to the property. Treat the office staff how you would want to be treated, and treat the apartment as if it were your own. These tenant etiquette basics will have you on the right path with your landlord in no time at all.

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