Pool Safety Tips For Kids

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What kid doesn’t love spending their hot summer days at the pool? With all the fun and excitement that can be found at the clubhouse, you can’t blame them. However, along with all of the fun that the pool brings, there are also some safety concerns to consider as well.

No matter how old your children are, here are some pool safety tips for kids that will keep them safe.

Keep An Adult Available

It’s imperative that there is a parent or responsible adult (such as a lifeguard) available at the pool if your children are swimming. Children may think that if they can swim, which means they may not need to be watched. However, there are still plenty of concerns that can occur, which is why an adult should be available to monitor the activity that takes place at the pool.

Boy-SwimmingEducate Your Children

The best way for you to acclimate your child to the swimming pool is to teach them to swim. That way, in the event that an emergency ever happens, your child will be able to handle themselves in the water. The pool is a great place to catch some sun and hang with friends, but your children should also know how to swim if they are going to be spending their summers near water.

Tip – If your kids are just learning to swim, you may want to bring plenty of floatation devices along to the pool. Floaties will help your children feel more comfortable in the pool while they are learning to swim.

Walk, Don’t Run

Children need to know how important it is to walk when near a pool. Water could splash up on the surface, making it slippery. If the child is running and they slip, you can only imagine the multitude of problems that could take place. To avoid this, make sure you instill the importance of walking and not running while at the pool.

Don’t Dive In Shallow Areas

Many pools have rules against diving completely. That’s because people shouldn’t be diving into anything that is more shallow than 10 feet, as they could hit their head on the bottom of the pool floor. Even if your children are short and you think they can handle diving, it’s best to avoid doing so unless the pool is designed specifically for it.

Don’t Bring Food Into The Pool

There are plenty of suggestions out there regarding how long your child should wait after eating before they go in the pool. Whether or not you instill these is up to you, but you should certainly make sure that your children don’t take food into the pool. Not only will it make things messy, but there is also a concern for choking. To stop this from happening, just avoid bringing food into the pool altogether.

Your kids will surely want to hit the pool this summer. To keep them as safe as possible, consider the pool safety tips for kids on this list.

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