How To Pick Your Next Mattress

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The mattress you sleep on can dictate your day to day life in ways you didn’t even realize. Sleeping on a comfortable bed will give you a better night’s sleep, leaving you more rested throughout your day. Below are some things to consider when in the process of purchasing a new bed.

Is it time?

Do you really need a new mattress? This is something you must ask yourself before committing hundreds, likely thousands, to a new one. If you are not experiencing sleep issues with your current mattress you probably will want to hold off. Getting a new mattress is similar to purchasing a car, the earlier you buy one, the sooner you will need to buy another. If you don’t get the full lifespan out of your mattress you will be costing yourself money in the long term. It is important that you don’t try to stretch it too far and start hurting the sleep you get, but we suggest getting every night of sleep you can out of a mattress.

Online or in store?

Recently, buying mattresses online has become all the rage. The shipping costs are obviously going to be high, but they are often offset by the savings you get not buying in a store. But don’t you want to lay on a mattress before buying it? Almost all online mattress purchases come with a 90 day full money back guarantee, or something similar. So if you get the mattress and don’t like it for any reason you can return, eliminating the need to lay in it first. Of course, it will be quite a hassle to return the mattress in the event that you need to, so heading to the store is still the way to go for some. As with most things, buying mattresses online or in store is just a matter of personal preference. However, you should at least explore your online options to see if you can find it cheaper or if you can get a store to price match a price you saw online.

Types Of Mattresses

There are a few types of mattresses, listed below.

  • Hybrids- combination of all the different mattress types. These are best for sleepers who need a little bit of everything. Whether it be support, pressure relief, bounce, comfort, cooling, hybrids have a little bit of it all.
  • Latex- made entirely of latex, great for bounce, comfort, and cooling. Ideal for sleepers who want a lot of comfort but don’t want to be sucked into a foam bed.
  • Memory Foam- great support and pressure relief. The most comfortable mattress if you are looking for something that will contour to your body. Some users say they can retain heat and make for a hot night’s sleep.
  • Coils-The classic mattress type with coils or springs. Coil beds provide tons of support, but can sometimes have a shorter lifespan than most other mattress types.
  • Pillow-Top- Pillow-top mattresses are essentially like having a mattress pad built into the mattress. This extra layer of cushion allows for added comfort, but takes away from the support of the mattress.  

What To Consider When Deciding

Picking from the above types of mattresses is a very difficult decision. They really aren’t all that different from one another, so how do you know which is right for you? There are a few factors that contribute to this decision. You should think about how you normally sleep. Are you a side sleeper? Stomach? Back? Roll around? Take notice of how you typically wake up before deciding which mattress is for you. Another important factor is your weight. Heavier people will want mattresses with more support. You then need to decide what specifically it is that your current mattress lacks. Do you need more support? Do you think your bed is too firm as is? Whatever you find, make the adjustment for the next mattress you buy.

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