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You don’t have to be a fan the Rocky film franchise to know that Philadelphia is one of the most iconic cities in all of America. As one of the first cities to develop into excessive size, Philadelphia is full of history from monumental moments in time.

There is so much to know about Philadelphia, but here are some of the more interesting facts that you may not have known about The City Of Brotherly Love

Not Just Philadelphia

To guests, it might be just Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. But to those who make up the city, this is The City Of Brotherly Love, The Birthplace Of America, The Cradle Of Liberty, The City That Loves You Back, and The Quaker City. From the nicknames alone, you can see that Philadelphia is a city that believes in respecting your neighbors and who you are. There are few other cities in America that have nicknames that are as representative as the ones that are given to Philadelphia.

Center-City-PhiladelphiaProtecting The Country Since 1801

The United States has the opportunity to be a free democracy thanks to the selfless men and women who are protecting the country in the military and armed forces. Well, those armed forces all started back in 1776 when the Philadelphia Naval Yard became the first naval shipyard in the United States. Though the shipyard began working in 1776, it was finally officially recognized as the first of it’s kind in the US in 1801.

Hop On The Subway

One of the highlights of Philadelphia is how easy it is to get around thanks to public transportation. But what surprises some people is that Philadelphia actually has the third oldest subway system in the country, after Boston and New York City. After all these years, countless people rely on the the Philly subway system to get to get around the city throughout the day.

Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches

You haven’t had a cheesesteak sandwich until you’ve had one in Philly. The cheesesteak sandwich can be traced back to 1930, when brother Harry and Pat Olivieri were created with creating it. Pat went on to open Pat’s King of Steaks, which is one of the most famous cheesesteak joints in all of the city.

A Day At The Garden

Bartram Garden has been part of Philadelphia for years. As a botanical garden, it is full of rare flowers, insects, and other critters. However, what some people don’t know is that Bartram Garden is the oldest botanical garden in North America, which makes it a historical part of the city.

Thanksgiving Started In Philly

Thanksgiving parades wouldn’t have anything to look to if it wasn’t for the first one that was held in Philadelphia in 1920. Nearly 100 years later and the City of Brotherly Love still puts on one of the best Thanksgiving Day parades in the country.

Philadelphia is strongly rooted as one of the most historical and influential cities in the entire country, if not in the world. From the Liberty Bell to Rocky, and from cheesesteak sandwiches to Eagles football games, Philly brings it all to those that live in the city.

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