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Does the idea of warmer weather send chills up your spine? While most people eagerly anticipate warmer weather, along with the spring and summer seasons, we know that there are plenty of you who are reading this and wanting to hold on to winter for as long as you can. For those of you, you’ve come to the right place.

The weather here in Pine Hill may be changing quite a bit after a record-breaking year, and warmer weather is surely welcome. But if you still want to hold onto a few colder activities while you can, here are some last minute winter excursions that you should consider.

Niagara-FallsSee An American Marvel

With Niagara Falls being so close, many people in New Jersey don’t take the time to visit this American marvel. However, now is the great time for you to head just a few hours north to visit Niagara Falls. While you are there, you can then take your winter excursion along the shores of the Great Lakes. If you want to stop and get out, there will be plenty of winter activities for you to take part in, thanks to the colder climates of the states that line the Great Lakes. Or if you just want to take in the sights, there will be plenty for you to see as you take on this last-minute winter excision in the American northeast.

Go Way West

If you just need to get away from this side of the Mississippi, book your flight to anywhere along the Rocky Mountains. For most people, this will include the snow towns of Colorado, including Aspen, Loveland, Snowmass, and more. Whether you are someone who loves to hit the halfpipe on your snowboard or the slaloms on your skis, there are countless slopes that make for great excursions this winter.

If you don’t do well on a snowboard or skis, then there are still options to consider. Colorado has countless trails for you to hike, bike, or just drive along as you take in all of the scenery the state has to offer. With so many different options to choose from, it’s easy to see why Colorado is a frequent choice for those looking to soak up as much of winter as they can before the warmer months in Pine Hill.

Go Abroad

You’ve been telling yourself for quite some time that now is the time to go abroad, but you keep pushing it off for one reason or another. Well, there are plenty of places around the globe that provide for some great last minute winter excursions. Whether you head north to Canada, or south to Antarctica, you’ll find plenty of great options for those who love cold weather.

Most of us might be looking forward to summer, but it’s still difficult to say goodbye to winter. If you aren’t quite ready to part ways, consider the options on this list for ideal last minute winter excursions and opportunities.

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