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The iPhone 7 featured some of the biggest changes to iPhones in years, like the removal of the headphone jack, improved water resistance, updated camera, larger screens, different color options, and as always an updated processor. The next iPhone is rumored to have even more new features and the talk swirling around it is getting crazy. It is the 10th anniversary of the release of the iPhone 1, so people are thinking Apple is going to go all out.

The Next iPhone’s Name

The rumors for the next iPhone start with the name. No one even knows what Apple plans on calling the next iPhone. It could be anything, some are suggesting names like iPhone 7s, iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone Pro, but no one really knows. The thinking is that Apple is going to stray away from the chronological naming of their new phones at some point, so the 10th anniversary could make sense. As with everything Apple does, no one knows much about it, so we will likely have to wait and see what the name will be.

Display Updates

The next iPhone display could have some extreme changes and could change the overall look of the phone. Supposedly, Apple is looking to have an edge to edge display, so the entire phone will be the screen. There are also rumors that Apple has been experimenting with the latest in TV technology, curved glass. This could really enhance the quality of the display on the next iPhone. Samsung has already begun to use curved glass on their new Galaxies and it has received positive feedback, so don’t be surprised to see Apple go in a similar direction.

Battery and Charging

One of the biggest complaints with iPhones as the years have gone on is the battery life. The battery typically has a much shorter time on a full charge than some of its competitors like Samsung and Microsoft. Apple recognizes this and is allegedly acting on it. It is rumored that the next iPhone will have a larger battery to improve battery life, although no one knows any specifics.

The charging updates could be the most intriguing rumors surrounding the new iPhone. Competitors have recently started expanding their wireless charging capabilities and we know Apple doesn’t like to fall behind. Supposedly, Apple has been working with Energous, a wireless charging startup that is developing a product that will allow wireless charging within 15 feet of their transmitter, up to 12 devices at a time. So this means you and your family could all be in the living room and have all your phones charging with out having to plug in in the near future. This technology may not be a part of the next iPhone release, but certainly appears to be coming.

Other Possible New Features

Beyond the big changes to the display, battery, and charging methods, the next iPhone will have some additional updates of interest. Apple is experimenting with technology that would allow a phone to be unlocked and used by touching it anywhere, not just on the home button. It would be able to recognize finger and handprints all over the phone. The phone could also have iris recognition, so a user can use their eye as another security layer on their phone. And of course, Apple will update the processor and make lots of changes to the iOS 11 operating system on the next iPhone.


Apple always increases the price of the next iPhone slightly, but the 10th anniversary edition is rumored to take a bigger jump than usual. The new high-tech features are going to justify the price hike for Apple, and let’s face it people are going to buy the new iPhone whether it is slightly more expensive or not. Experts have estimated that the introduction of things like curved glass and wireless charging could drive Apple’s cost up by up to 67% per phone, so of course some of that will be passed along to the consumer.

Every year there are countless rumors that swirl around the much-anticipated release of the next iPhone, but this year there seems to be an exceptional amount. The past has shown us that although these rumors may not end up happening this year, they typically are things that Apple ends up doing, even years after. One thing we can say for sure is the future of the iPhone is exciting and certainly costly.

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