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To many others, Pine Hill may not be much more than a small blip on a map. But for those that live there, the borough of Pine Hill is the perfect place to call home. An area that is rich in history, this Camden County, New Jersey, Borough offers plenty of interesting tidbits and quirky trivia knowledge. In fact, those that live in Pine Hill be sure to tell you about how interesting this community is and what makes it so unique amongst others in New Jersey.

Pine Hill is rich in history and has plenty of cultural appeal that draws in many tourists each year. In addition, Pine Hill has routinely shown a positive increase in population throughout history, showing just how appealing of a place it is to call home.

Here are some other interesting facts about the unique borough of Pine Hill, the best part of Camden County, New Jersey.

Fun-FactA Deep History

Pine Hill is an area that is full of historical value. That history all began in 1929, when an old municipality was divided into five different areas. Those areas included the nearby boroughs of Hi-Nella, Somerdale, Pine Valley, and Lindenwold. Nearly 100 years later and the area is still a booming and bustling part of New Jersey.

Small Town Feel In The Big City

No matter where you are in New Jersey, you are never far away from the excitement that is New York. However, you’ll notice that when you go to Pine Hill, you get that small town feel that is ideal for raising a family or settling down in. In fact, Pine Hill ranks 236th in terms of dentist in the state of New Jersey, so you can rest assured that you won’t be overwhelmed with the hustle and bustle of the big city. However, if you want to get out and have a good time for the weekend, then take the kids to their grandparents and head across the bridge to New York.

A Rewarding Educational System

In Pine Hill, education is a vital subject that has always been valued. Since 2001, the Pine Hill School District has served the borough. In addition, neighboring boroughs have also relied on Pine Hill School District, as they offer rewarding educational programs.

You’ll Never Be Bored

Over the years, the representatives and council members of Pine Hill have shown to demonstrate a passion for offering plenty of entertainment options for those who live here and also out-of-town guests. That is why Pine Hill is committed to continually build more and offer plenty of attractions to entertain people. Some of the most entertaining things to do while in Pine Hill include visiting the Independence National Historical Park, Rancocas State Park, Indian King Tavern Museum, New Jersey State Aquarium, and much more.

Pine Hill has certainly had a unique history. Over the years, this history has helped to form, shape, and mold the community into what it is today, and it looks as though it will continue to be as such for many years to come.

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