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What’s better than Netflix and chill? Netflix binge watching while eating your favorite food delivered to your door, of course! GrubHub is a genius service that changes the way you enjoy your favorite foodsright from the comfort of your own home. Restaurants that don’t normally offer delivery service now deliver thanks to this brilliant service. It’s convenient, easy to use, and with GrubHub, your Friday nights in will never be the same. Here’s how to get started: 

  1.     Download the GrubHub app: Go to the App Store on your phone and download the GrubHub app. Set your location so the driver knows where to find you. It also narrows down the restaurants to those closest to you. You can also set your price range so you can find the right restaurant for the right price. Each restaurant has a corresponding rating next to it so you know if it’s worth the price.
  2.     Find your favorite restaurant: Scroll through all of the local restaurant options to see what strikes you. Are you in the mood for Italian? It’s there. Want some wings and fries? Got that too. Maybe it’s a burger night. Yep, they have that too. If you can’t decide or your friends want a variety, you can mix and match from different restaurants. You can find local favorites like Sushi To Go or Luigi’s City Pizza. You can even use coupons with your order. Who doesn’t love saving money while sitting down?

You can also filter the restaurant options to see lunch spots, the top rated, or the type of food offered, like American, Asian, pizza, or sandwiches. As of right now, there are roughly 19 restaurants currently listed in the Pine Hill, NJ location.

  1.     Pick your meal: Scroll through the menu options and select whatever your stomach desires. In the menu, you can see little markers that notate which items are crowd favorites. There’s a small description and price next to each one, so there are no surprises when the food makes it to you. Make sure to notice if there is a minimum order amount. There are a few places that require you to buy at least $10-15 worth of food before your order can be placed.
  2.     Place your order: Now that you have the perfect meal, place your order with a debit or credit card. They will give you an estimated delivery time, which can be anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour depending on the demand and traffic. There’s typically a small delivery fee, but you can filter your restaurant options to find ones that offer free delivery. Make sure to have a few bucks on hand to tip your gracious driver who has thoughtfully brought you your food.
  3.     Enjoy!

After finishing your first meal with GrubHub, you’ll wonder why this hasn’t always existed. It’s so simple, and so delicious. Take a few minutes to go back and rate your meal and leave a little comment so fellow GrubHub users know what to expect. Soon enough, you’ll be telling all your friends and family about your new favorite app.

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