How to Reconnect with Old Friends

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People come into our lives, and sometimes life shifts, and we lose touch. It doesn’t mean that you don’t care about them, but things became busy and you haven’t talked in ages. How do you reconnect without it being awkward? The truth is, there is a slight amount of awkward that comes with reconnecting with an old friend, but it’s worth fighting through to keep a friendship alive.  

  1. Random Bump-In: Let’s say you accidentally bump into an old friend while shopping. The vapid, “we should get together,” line isn’t enough to spark up a friendship again. Be sincere about wanting to plan a time to see each other. Ask them when they are free, and invite them to get coffee to catch up. By setting a time and place immediately, you show that you are serious about your desire to see them again. At the same token, recognize that maybe they have changed. The thing that once drew you together may not longer be there. If they don’t reciprocate the same desire to plan a time to get together, then let it go. You can remember the good old days, and appreciate the memories.
  2. Social Media: The networking community that has taken the world by storm is social media. You want to keep in touch with folks, but it becomes impersonal from posts and tweets. You can follow folks and know about their lives without being engaged with them. To rekindle an old friendship, sometimes the only contact that you have is a social media account. To keep it as least awkward as possible, send them a private message. Let them know what brought them to your mind, and ask if they would like to get together and talk about old times. Odds are, they’d love to. Do an activity that you used to love together. If you both shared a love for wine, then go to a wine tasting event. It’s good to do an activity to break the ice and keep the conversation going.
  3. Phone Call/Text Message: When looking to reconnect with someone, keep a phone call or text message brief. You want to show interest, but at the same time, you don’t want to smother the other person. Also, evaluate why you want to reconnect. Are you calling an ex because you’re bored? Or are you reaching out to an old childhood friend who moved? Don’t reach out to someone if you are looking to gloat, or out of desperation. Keep the focus on them and how life has treated them. Stay positive on the things that you have gone through to make things light. If you do keep in touch more often from this interaction, then you can go further into the good and bad things that have come into your life.

Even if you split ways because of a disagreement, it’s well worth an effort to repair an old friendship. All things that are worth doing take time and effort. Friendship needs constant care or else it can fade away or die. To spark things back up, it always takes one willing to risk sticking their neck out and be awkward in hopes that the other will reciprocate. Laugh about the good old times, and keep in touch to create new memories.

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