How Accent Rugs Can Open Up Your Apartment

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Apartment living often comes with smaller floor plans. For many people, living in an apartment is ideal for this exact reason. After all, who wants to spend their free time cleaning and caring for an oversized house, when an apartment is so much easier to maintain?

Even if you enjoy the smaller floor plans that come with your apartment, that doesn’t mean that you necessarily want a cramped living space. The trick here is to figure out a way to maximize the minimal space you have, which can be done with the furnishings you select for your apartment.

One furnishing in particular is an accent rug. Not only will an accent rug make your apartment appear to be more open, but it also will protect the flooring as well. These benefits make an accent rug a worthy investment for your apartment.

Considering adding a new furnishing to your home? Here’s how accent rugs can open up your apartment.

Rug Size

Accent-RugsThe biggest factor to consider when looking to an accent rug is the size. A rug that is too large will look overwhelming, while a rug that is too small will look out of place. Therefore, look to find an accent rug that takes up the perfect amount of room in combination with other furniture you have. In doing so, you’ll make the space appear to be much larger and open up your apartment.

Rug Color

Choosing the right color for your accent rug will also be an important factor. When selecting the perfect rug, keep in mind that monochromatic colors offer peaceful and calm feelings. As you combine furnishing, a monochromatic rug will look great against other color values in the room. This will add depth to your space, opening up the flow of the apartment in its entirety.

Select Other Furnishings With Flow

Continue to decorate the rest of your apartment and add different accent rugs throughout each room. As you do so, look for other furnishings that will flow well to make the space appear more open. For example, an accent rug will look great under a new large bed or alongside a dresser. An accent rug can also spruce up your home office if the only other furnishings are a desk and chair. Accent rugs can do wonders for your space, but make sure you look for furniture that offers an equal amount of openness.

Many people living in apartments love doing so because of the smaller floor plans and the convenience they provide. However, sometimes these living spaces can feel a bit small and constraining. In order to open things up, without tearing things down, add accent rugs to your space. Accent rugs are not only a minimal investment, but they have a big impact with the difference they make. Consider how big of a change you can make by opening up your apartment living space with adding just a few accent rugs throughout.

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