How to Host the Best Super Bowl Party

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Super Bowl Sunday isn’t an official holiday, but by all appearances, it might as well be! It’s a day we all get together to celebrate, and in some cases, passionately debate our opinions. While you can catch the game anywhere, it’s customary to gather at someone’s house to watch together. So, if the hosting duties have fallen to you and you really want to do it right, you’ll have to do a bit better than simply tuning your television to the right channel. Host the best Super Bowl party ever with these tips.

Get Your Seating in Order

More often than not, the game is going to be the most important thing of the day. Above all else, your guests need to be able to watch the game in comfort. If you have only a few friends coming over, that’s one thing, but if you’re expecting a minor blow-out, you’ll need to have seating available for everyone. And preferably, you’ll want to have it all arranged so none of your guests are stuck in the nosebleed section.

Prepare Some Snacks That’ll Make Everyone Happy

What’s a Super Bowl without some snacks? Accordingly, after you’ve made sure that your guests will be able to see the game, you’ll want to set your mind to the food you’ll have ready. This year’s game will air in the evening, and you might be able to get away without cooking dinner (or ordering in), but keep in mind that some might not have eaten before they arrive. If you decide to go with finger food, make sure everyone has their own plate so they aren’t reaching over everyone else and getting in the way. What you serve will depend entirely on your guests’ tastes, but you should also note any guests with dietary restrictions. You don’t want your buddy with the gluten allergy to go hungry, do you?

Has Some Other Entertainment Ready to Go

Perhaps you don’t like the look of the halftime show, or maybe your football fanatic guests aren’t in it for the commercials. Whatever your reasons, it’s not a bad idea to have some additional activities lined up for game day. This is especially true if you plan on having kids at the party who might not have the patience for a full game of football. You could prepare some small games – think Bingo or “pin the helmet on the football player” – or even set up another TV, tuned to the Puppy Bowl. That should keep the less-invested guests occupied and the true football fans happy to concentrate on the game.

Go Long!

Nobody said that your party has to start at kickoff and after the fourth. If you’re feeling generous and don’t mind the company, consider inviting your guests over a little early so you can begin celebrating before the game starts. You might be able to get them to help out with preparations! Further, nobody likes being shooed out before they’re ready to go. If your guests are still in party mode, don’t be too quick to kick them out. Then again, it’ll be a Sunday, so the festivities can’t go too late!

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