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Transform your house into a home with the help of home decor stores. There are several local and chain stores that are close to the Pine Hill, NJ area that are perfect for completing your look. A few stores are a few minutes up the road in Cherry Hill, and a handful are nearby. 

  1. Kirkland’s: At Kirkland’s, you can find something for any room in your house. It’s a chain store that has tons of different styles and products. They have everything from large furniture pieces to small picture frames. It’s quality products at budget prices. The closest store is located in the Cherry Hill Mall.
  2. Crate and Barrel: Crate and Barrel is also a chain store located in the Cherry Hill Mall area. This home decor store has unique and modern designs that are elegant. You can find designer furniture from sofas and tables to silverware and dining sets. They have an easy to use wedding registry for the happy couple to complete their home together. You can also create one-of-a-kind rooms by requesting custom rugs. If you get stuck, and don’t know where to turn, there are expert interior designers on staff that can help you craft the perfect room for you and your family. Coming in April to the Cherry Hill area is the children’s department! They are adding to their extensive collection by now offering children’s furniture and bedroom decor. Take your little one and let them explore so they can discover their own unique sense of style. Let them help create their space in the home.
  3. Pottery Barn: The Pottery Barn is also located in the Cherry Hill Mall, and it’s the last chain store on our list. They offer complimentary design services to help you put together a cohesive look. Their design team can help guide you by asking stylized questions to give you the best results. They will suggest unique styles to fit anyone’s budget. Like Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn has an elevated style with designer brands. They even have a unique apartment collection to give you the perfect options for smaller furniture pieces for functionality and affordability.
  4. Downtown Retro: You don’t just have Mid Century modern-inspired furniture–you can own it. At Downtown Retro, you can find original furniture and home decor that dates back from some of the best design decades of the twentieth century. These retro designs can easily become the fun center piece to any room. Find a unique talking piece that will add pizzazz to your style. When you shop with Downtown Retro, you not only add to your collection, but you support local businesses. You can find this shop in Sicklerville, NJ.
  5. Nehlig’s Furniture: For over 88 years, Nehlig’s has been family-owned and operated. They have beautiful furniture that you can’t find anywhere else. Own something that no one else at the traditional chain stores offer. It’s the perfect way to have a modern look with the latest styles and trends.
  6. Kroungolds Furniture: Kroungold’s Furniture has been open for over 124 years in New Jersey. They are one of the only local furniture and home decor stores that has a design team on hand to help you craft the perfect look for you home. Let them know what style and budget you are trying to find, and they will lead you to pieces you’ll fall in love with.

Every piece that you put in your home says something about you. Take your time to find the right decor to complete your look. When you walk into your home, you should feel a sense of calm. Enjoy the process of discovering the right look for you and your family

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