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Halloween is the start of the holiday season! Everyone loves getting together for parties, big and small. It’s always fun to see what costume creations your friends come up with. If you’re hosting a party this year, make sure it’s one to remember by adding in a fun game to keep the energy high.

For Adults

  1.    Halloween Guess Who Game: This is a great game to get people intermingling and conversations started. As everyone comes in, tape a name to their back. They must ask other guests questions to guess what name they are. The trick is that they can only be Yes or No questions. As the guests correctly guess who they are, then they can remove the taped name from their back. We want everyone to keep guessing, so there aren’t any prizes for being first.
  2.    Famous Halloween Movie Quotes: Have a list of famous movie quotes from scary movies through the years. On the top half, have the movie quotes, and on the bottom, the different movies that they come from. Have the guests try to match up which quote goes with which movie. The one with the most correct answers wins a Halloween treat! For even more fun, have them break up into teams for a little fun competition.
  3.    The Ghost Game: This game is fun for teenagers or adults. You first start out by choosing who your ghost is going to be. Then, the rest of the players sit in a circle and close their eyes. The ghost walks around the circle and stands behind one of the players. The ghost will silently count to 10, and if the person they are standing behind says, “There’s a ghost behind me”, then they get to live to the next round. If someone says, “There’s a ghost behind me”, and there isn’t, then they have to trade places with the ghost. If the ghost is able to count to 10, then they will put their arms around the player to claim their victim. The last one alive is the winner!

For Kids

  1.    The Grave Keeper: Have each of the kids take turns being the Grave Keeper! The person who is “it” is the only human. The other kids are dead zombies that are lying on the ground, but they are starting to stir. The zombies want to stand up out of their graves, and the Grave Keeper has to keep all of the zombies in their graves by tagging them before they stand all the way up. This’ll be sure to keep the kids on their toes!
  2.    The Grab Bag: Put different items in paper bags or old Tupperware for the kids to reach in and feel. Each player has to guess what item is in the bag without looking. You can put plastic spiders, cut grapes, or even wet noodles that will feel like worms. Each time the kids reach in, you’re sure to get a scream of surprise!
  3.    Battle of the Balloons: This game is great for older kids. Make sure you have plenty of space, and move any breakable objects from the game area. Divide the kids up in two different teams. Each team will be a different color balloon. Tie a balloon around everyone’s ankle, and have them start at opposite ends of the room. They have to pop the other teams balloons with anything else but their hands!

Throwing a hit party is a breeze. All you need is good friends, yummy food, and a fun game. No matter what game you choose, you’ll have plenty of laughs with great friends!

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