How to Easily Overcome Conflict With Others

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Whether you are dealing with a slacking classmate, troublesome team member, difficult coworker, or experiencing roommate problems, chances are, the conflict can be resolved easily and quickly as long as both parties are willing to work towards a solution.

The first thing you want to do is identify the root of the problem. If the other person is having personal issues, you want to be sensitive and remain rational. If the conflict is money related, then you can take specific steps to resolve the issue logically. Many times, if a person lashes out repeatedly or is consistently difficult to work with, they are experiencing some unrelated or underlying issue that is causing them to project or act out. If emotions are running high, it’s best to wait until all parties have calmed down and are ready to discuss the root of the issue clearly, calmly, and maturely. Once the heart of the conflict is identified, it will be easier to address it the best way and find an appropriate solution.

If possible, compromising on smaller issues is usually preferred, but doing this frequently can easily go south. If both parties are stubborn about an issue, or compromising would hurt the good of the group, then further action might need to be taken. For example, if one person consistently bails on study sessions and fails to do their share of the work, simply giving them a break each time could drastically hurt the group as a whole. You may need to consider having an intervention or taking the issue to someone higher up who can handle it the way they see fit. The bottom line? Make sure that each member is held accountable for his or her actions. If not, the problem will likely continue.

If your group is experiencing many conflicts, you may want to consider delegating one member to be a peacemaker or decision maker. Although this type of structure may not be for every group, in some cases, it can help cut down on trivial or heavily-divided disagreements. Having one voice of reason to overrule the emotions of the group can be effective in getting things done quickly and efficiently so that all can move on.

If all else fails, you can agree to disagree with the other person. This may not be the resolution that you hoped for, but sometimes accepting differences is necessary, especially if you don’t want to risk a huge blowout or even a permanent break up. Putting your emotions aside and taking a more rational approach to problem solving is usually helpful when dealing with those whom with we’ve formed a close personal relationship.

Dealing with conflict is almost universally disliked, but it must be done. If your group, friendship, or relationship wants any shot of succeeding, it must be willing to overcome conflict and work on preventing issues from arising in the future. By addressing the root of the issue, keeping open lines of communication, and holding each other accountable, you can avoid a small problem from turning into a bigger issue. Overcoming conflict can be as easy as having a designated leader, or as drastic as cutting a member from the group, but either way, problems must be dealt with accordingly.


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