How to De-Winterize Your Apartment to Prepare For Spring!

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Spring is almost here! It’s hard not to love Spring when you see all of the flowers bloom and the landscape grow rich with color. The air is getting warmer, and you can’t wait to spend more time outside. Don’t forget to de-winterize your living space to adapt to the weather change and prepare for Spring. Here are some of the top things to double check to make sure your apartment is ready for Spring! 

  1. Check the A/C: The last thing you want is to hit that heat wave, and have the A/C blow warm air through the house. Make sure everything is cooling and functioning properly with a simple test. Turn the A/C on for an hour or two to check the filters and the coolant. If something isn’t working properly, then you need to let the apartment staff know so that you can get it fixed sooner rather than later.
  2. Turn the ceilings fans to the opposite direction to push air down: During the winter, you want the ceiling fans to turn the warm air next to the ceiling to slowly circulate down towards the floor. The opposite is true for spring and summer. You want the air to come directly down to push the heat away from your body. There is a simple little switch on each fan that will change the direction the fan rotates and the air flows. For optimal temperature, you want the blades to rotate clockwise during the winter, and counterclockwise in the summer.
  3. Check your cleaning supplies: It’s time for the spring cleaning, which means it’s time to take inventory of all of the cleaning supplies. It’s most likely been a while since you’ve moved the couch or beat the rug, so you may be missing a few deep cleaning supplies that will make your cleaning job significantly easier. Spend the extra few dollars on quality products to make sure that you’re getting a thorough clean. It’s worth saving you elbow grease!
  4. Switch out heavy blankets and comforters for lightweight blankets and quilts: All of your winter bedding is warm, thick, and heavy, which will quickly become too hot for the spring months. Change out the comforters for quilts and the thick blankets for lighter woven blends. If you’re still a little too cool during the evening, then you can layer up. Take the layers off as the weather gets warmer.
  5. Switch out the clothes in the closets: It’s no longer time for the tacky Christmas sweaters. You can move those and the other holiday clothes out of drawers, and tuck them away in storage or unused closets. Replace your winter clothes with lightweight the cardigans, t-shirts, and shorts that you have stored away. Keep a few long sleeves and jackets for those cool mornings and evenings.TIP: This is the perfect time to go through and donate anything that doesn’t fit quite right or you haven’t actually worn in years. Be honest with yourself, and really contemplate if that article of clothing gets use. If you don’t reach for it often, then it’s time to get rid of it.
  6. Brighten up the space: The winter home decor colors are cool. Bring it to life with an added pop of color and floral designs to get you in the spring spirit. Switching out things like area rugs, pillows, and blankets will do a lot to change the feel in the room. Choose pastels or light and bright colors to remind you of all of the blooming flowers outside.
  7. Bring the scents of spring in without the allergies: We love the beautiful greenery that the changing seasons bring, but our noses do not. Keep the allergens out of your house while still having all the scents of spring with floral candles and air fresheners. If traditional candles seem to bother your sinuses, then try out soy or coconut oil based candles. They have a softer aroma and are a more natural.

Yes, cleaning is important, but so is checking the A/C and switching out your wardrobes to something warmer. Freshening up the home makes you anticipate the nice weather even more. You’ll feel prepared and excited to welcome spring into your home!

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