Creating the Perfect Bachelor Pad in Your Apartment

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You’ve graduated college, and you are looking to update your style to something more mature. Apartment living is the place to create the ultimate bachelor pad. Even if design isn’t your strong suit, there are a few simple guidelines to make your space transform into the chiseled dream that every man wants to have.

  1. Sharp Lines: Traditionally speaking, women lean towards curvy, soft lines, while men tend to lean toward crisp clean lines. If this is your taste, find furniture with rigid shape and clean lines. The modern look is perfect for today’s bachelor pad. Outfit the rest of the apartment with just the essentials when it comes to furniture. To make those sharp lines stand out, keep a minimal look. Don’t overcrowd the space with random things that don’t serve a purpose. Have a few bar stools, one or two chairs, a coffee table, and a sofa.
  2. Dark Colors: The colors that you choose are critical. Anything with a pastel hint will immediately take your edgy space, and turn it into something soft and lackluster. Make a bold statement with a darker color palette, like a navy or royal blue, or a rusty brick red. Color can immediately set the tone for the room, and will speak louder than anything else in it.
  3. Bold Art: To complement your minimal look, you’ll want to pair your furniture with bold lines in a striking piece of art. You can have one large piece that covers the entire wall, or you can evenly space out several pieces. Make sure that they are finished with a simple frame, and arranged perfectly. Forget about the collage style that you may have seen. We are going for straight lines, even spaces, and symmetry.
  4. Gadgets: No bachelor pad is complete without some toys. To keep yourself entertained, have some of your favorite latest gadgets around the apartment. Make your apartment “smart” with the help of the Amazon Echo or one of its counterparts. Have a fantastic TV display for watching the game, and connect it with any gaming system that you like to play.
  5. A Well-Stocked Bar: To complete the ultimate bachelor pad, you’re going to need a hefty bar. Find an antique liquor cabinet to store all of your alcohol. Buy the right kinds of glasses for the different drinks. Have wine glasses, highball glasses, pint glasses, and some martini glasses. Along with your stylish bar, have a few cocktail recipes on standby to impress any guest.
  6. Mix of Textures: To create the perfect finished look, mix up different textures to offset one another. To complement wood floors, try pairing it with a leather sofa, a fur rug, a glass coffee table, and stone decor on the shelves. All of these different mediums contrast well with one another. Nothing will compete visually with something else. Most of these textures are tough, sharp, and firm.

Have one or two things be the focal points in the room. Design everything else around those two things. Keep things simple, sharp, and clean to create the perfect bachelor pad look in your apartment. Now, invite the boys over to have some fun in your new space!

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