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You’ve probably done some double-takes at cars going down the road. Who expects to see a Delorean or a Bugatti? But, while car models like these draw attention for their rarity and expensiveness, they pale in comparison to some really crazy cars out there. After taking a look at some of these insane autos, a Maserati will look tame in comparison. Even more, you’ll wonder how they could ever be street legal.

Furore Formula One Kit Car

Car enthusiasts, especially those in Europe, love them some Formula One. And a scant few love the series so much that they’ve love nothing more than to be able to drive a car inspired by the open-air, single-seat racers that make Formula One. That’s what Furore, a British company, has set out to do with their street legal Formula One replicas. Customers can purchase a build-it-yourself kit for about $12,000, or buy the car pre-made for about $25,000. The car, according to Furore, their car goes from zero to 60 in three-and-a-half seconds and makes at least one improvement on the real Formula One cars – it can convert into a two-seater!


If you tend to take go-karting a little too seriously, the KTM X-Bow is for you. The X-Bow looks exactly like an oversized go-kart, but with a build inspired by formula racing cars, it’s something you’d never, ever let a kid near. Despite its interesting design choices, the X-Bow’s internals are nothing to laugh at: a 300-horsepower Audi engine, pushrod suspension, and a carbon-fiber chassis. And that’s just the base model.

Jet-Powered VW Beetle

Yes, you read that correctly. A VW Beetle, powered by a jet. In concept, it sounds as fine a combination as peanut butter and mayonnaise, but in reality, it’s just insane to work. The strange brainchild of Californian Ron Patrick, the modified Bug has one simple change: it’s got a 1500 horsepower, jet-powered engine strapped to the back. Despite the ridiculousness of the project, Patrick, who has a PhD from Stanford University, deserves credit for the his work, which took six years and tens of thousands of dollars. While the car is technically street legal, federal agencies have questioned whether it’s a threat to national security. That’s OK, because Patrick has another side project: outfitting his wife’s Honda scooter with two small jet engines.

Reliant Robin

The other vehicles on this list are feats of engineering, designed for maximum speed and aerodynamics. The Reliant Robin doesn’t even hold a candle to a modern sedan, but it certainly is a feat of engineering. So, what sets the Reliant Robin apart? It’s a three-wheeled car. While the British car is no longer in production, it was a hit in England…  as fodder in British comedy television shows like “Top Gear” and “Mr Bean.” Interestingly, drivers didn’t need a full driver’s license to get behind the wheel, as a motorcycle license would suffice. There was one tricky issue, though: due to understandably poor balance, the Robin was prone to rollovers. Oops. The Reliant Robin’s nickname, Plastic Pig, sums it all up pretty well.

These cars are impractical, sure, but each of them has something going for it. It all goes to show just how far engineers can push vehicle design and the very idea of what makes a vehicle. Keep your eyes peeled on the road, as you might see one whizzing by!

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