The Best Vacation Destinations 2017

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Summer is here, which means vacations! There are countless places to choose from, so how do you decide? Should you head to an island, a sightseeing tour, the Jersey Shore? We are here to help! Below are some of the hottest vacation destinations in 2017.

New Zealand

New Zealand is probably a place you have never even considered vacationing too. It is far from common, but vacations to New Zealand are growing in popularity. The country truly has something for everyone, whether you hope to relax, hike, go to the beach, or experience nature. There is endless amounts of countryside to explore and see incredible sights. One of the things New Zealand is most known for is Lord Of The Rings. It was the home to the filming of all of the Lord Of The Rings movies and you can take a LOTR specific tour of the country where you will see the places it was shot. Another major part of New Zealand’s culture is rugby. It is home to one of the top rugby teams in the world and games are said to be a site to see. If you have the opportunity, try to make it out to a New Zealand national rugby game during your stay.


Finland is known for it’s natural beauty. If you are a person who wants to see some things you’ve never seen before and likely won’t see again, Finland is the place for you. One of the most incredible sites in the world are The Northern Lights. These are only seen during winter months are one of the most iconic natural happenings in the world. Finland is said to be a vastly different experience in the winter as opposed to the summer, so going at different times will offer different activities. Helsinki is another main attraction in Finland, the country’s biggest city. It is one of the most historic cities in the world and has a booming nightlife. It is very well known for it’s involvement in WWII, as it was bombed consistently for around 3 years straight. After the war, Helsinki actually hosted the 1952 summer Olympics. Finland is another country that has recently become a big vacation spot and is sure to give you some unique experiences no matter what season you go.

The Maldives

The Maldives are a small island country located in Asia. It is said that they have the some of the most amazing beaches in the world, with crystal clear water and smooth white sand. In recent years more and more resorts have begun opening in The Maldives, but it is a long way from being the commercial tourist attraction a place like Cancun is. Most places in The Maldives are very private and peaceful. You have probably seen countless pictures of the beaches and attractions in The Maldives whether you know it or not. It is a huge spot for celebrities to travel due to the exclusivity of it. It is a very expensive vacation, but if you are a beach bum looking for the best beach experience money can buy, The Maldives are the place for you.

The point of vacation changes person to person, so the best locations do the same. If you are looking to relax and unwind, an all inclusive resort is going to be hard to beat. If you just want to spend some time on the beach and in the ocean, maybe the Jersey Shore is right for you! But if you are looking for something a little different out of vacation this year, maybe the above destinations are right for you!

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