The Best DIY Halloween Costumes

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The pumpkins, the spooky stories, and the candy make Halloween a holiday to look forward to. But the real reason we all love All Hallow’s Eve? Showing off our costumes! While you could go to the supermarket and drop big bucks on a costume, making your own costume is a fun activity in itself, and you could stand to save quite a bit of money by doing your own thing. These DIY Halloween costume ideas will get your creative juices flowing, no matter what age you are.

The Burglar

This costume idea is an old classic, requiring little effort but providing fun results. A simple white shirt with black horizontal stripes evokes the well-known image of a burglar. All you need to add is a black mask to cover your eyes (using fabric or an old T-shirt), and top it all off with a black beanie hat. A pillowcase with a dollar sign written on it will complete the ensemble. Just don’t get caught stealing Halloween treats!

The Ladybug

A costume doesn’t get much simpler than the ladybug. All you really need is a bright red T-shirt or dress, along with some black construction paper. Cut out a few circles, tape them onto your red article of clothing, and viola! An easy-peasy, no-fuss costume that’s great for all ages. If you really want to go all out, pull together a DIY antenna using a red hairband, some black pipe cleaners, and some cotton balls dyed black.

The Tourist

Everyone knows the stereotypical tourist look, and best of all, you probably have all the materials you need, right in your closet! Put on your most colorful polo or button-up, throw on some khaki shorts, hike those socks up, and don’t forget the fanny pack! Accessorize with a camera or fold-up map. Bonus points if you spend all night asking friends to take pictures of you standing in front of “monuments.”

The Crayon

If you’re willing to spend a little more time on your costume, you’ll definitely stand out with a bright and colorful DIY crayon costume. While this costume requires a little more effort than others, it’s still pretty easy. Simply get together matching pants and a long-sleeve shirt to form the foundations of the costume – pajamas might work best of all. Now, the tricky part is finding some matching construction paper and fashioning yourself a hat that mimics the tip of a crayon. You could rock this costume solo, but it’s much better to get some friends together to dress up as different colors.

The Bat

The black bat is a well-known symbol for Halloween, so what better way to celebrate the holiday than by dressing up as one? The only downside to this costume is that you’ll have to sacrifice an umbrella. All you have to do is dress in all black, preferably with a black hat and some makeshift ears. Then, dismantle a spare black umbrella, cutting it half and hot gluing each half to your costume at the arms and sides, creating some awesome DIY wings. Spooky! This costume will probably take the most effort out of all the costumes on this list, but its results blow the others out of the water.

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