What Are the Benefits of Having an Artificial Christmas Tree Instead of a Real One?

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Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree… For most, the holiday season means having a healthy green conifer strung up with bright lights and keeping watch over a mountain of gifts. However, each Christmas also brings the debate over which is better: a real tree or an artificial one. While there are benefits to both kinds of tree, many homes make room for the artificial variety. These are some of the reasons you may want to choose fake over real.

It Requires Less Time and Effort

For some families, tradition might call for the gang to hop in the car and head down to the tree farm to pick out this year’s Christmas tree. For others, that sounds more like a chore. Once you’ve got your artificial tree–which often comes packed in a manageable box–all you have to do pull it out and piece it together. And once the season is over, back into the box it goes, where you’ll leave it until Christmastime comes again. No need to haphazardly tie a tree to the top of the car or rent a truck for the day.

It’s Easier and There’s Less Mess

Real Christmas trees take some work to keep healthy. Not only do they need to be watered regularly, but you still also need to sweep away the pine needles that will inevitably pile up under the tree. This doesn’t happen to an artificial tree, which you can neglect all you like with no change in its appearance. It’ll still look just as good as the real deal.

There Are More Options

Most of the fun of having a Christmas tree is decorating it to your liking. Sometimes, though, you might want your tree to be a bit more memorable and really stand out. It’s not uncommon to see sparkly silver, tinsel-like trees set up in homes across the world, and if you really want to do it differently this year, you can even go with one that’s been made in a crazy color like neon pink. Yes, those exist. More practically, many artificial trees come with lights already hung, which is good for folks who aren’t able or just can’t be bothered to do it themselves.

You Only Need to Buy It Once

The holiday season is often one where we’re watching our wallets a little more closely. If you’re already spending money on gifts for your loved ones, why spend money every year on a real tree that’ll you’ll just throw out in a few weeks? An artificial tree may require a bigger initial investment, but it can potentially last you a lifetime, meaning that it will pay for itself after just a few years.

Now, there are a few downsides to artificial trees. The biggest complaint that people have against them is their negative impact on the environment; while you might think that cutting a real tree down each year is bad for the environment, artificial trees are made of plastic, which takes much longer to degrade. Each family will have options to weight, but for those who value time and convenience, the artificial Christmas tree usually comes out on top.

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