6 Random Acts of Kindness that You Can Do This Holidays Season

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We always hear that Christmas is the season of love. We are used to giving gifts to our close loved ones, but what if we shared our love with strangers, too? Small, random acts of kindness can change a person’s outlook on life, and really spread Christmas cheer. Here are a few ways that you can start spreading love to others this holiday season.

  1. Offer to babysit a friend’s kids for free: Couples would love more date nights, but it can be hard when money is tight and when finding a babysitter is near impossible. Usually couples don’t even think to give themselves a night out after years of the regular routine. Help a friend’s relationship by offering to watch their kids for free for a few hours while they get to go be young and in love again. Hiring a babysitter isn’t cheap, and it will help them knowing that they don’t have to shell out tons of money for a babysitter on top of the date night activities.
  2. Shovel someone’s driveway: Without being asked, and without asking for payment, shovel a neighbor’s driveway or sidewalk when it snows. It’s a major pain to get all bundled up and dig out your car from the snow. Show your kindness by taking the initiative to give your neighbor a clear driveway. Actions like this speak louder than any gift ever could.
  3. Leave kind notes in public places: As you go throughout your day, leave little encouraging notes along the way. Try to put them in places where they won’t be thrown away, and where they will be noticed. Leave a note in a dressing room, in a library book, or on the coffee shop table. You may not see the impact that your notes have on the person, but you can be confident that you’ll warm someone’s heart.
  4. Pay it forward: This one is a classic random act of kindness that will never go out of fashion. As you are in the drive thru, tell the cashier that you want to purchase the order of the person behind you. When that other person reaches that window, they’ll receive their order, but they’ll be told that it’s already been taken care of. Little things like this can spark a reaction, and create a line of cars who pay it forward for each other.
  5. Give a genuine compliment to a stranger: Be mindful of other people around you, and take notice of things that you like about someone else. It can be a fashion-forward style, their smile, or a personality trait that you pick up. Tell a stranger something kind to boost their confidence and spread love throughout the season.
  6. Give a care package to a homeless person: The homeless are often the forgotten part of our society. The winter can be one of the most brutal times to be living on the streets. Even though you can’t give a homeless person a home, you can make their lives more comfortable during those hard months. Make a care package of hygiene items, things that will keep them warm, socks, chapstick, vaseline, pre-packaged snacks, and pen and paper.

Think up creative ways that you can show people love that directly relates to you. If you’re an artist, leave little drawings around for someone to find. If you’re a baker, make a batch of cookies, and give them to a neighbor just because. Use your gifts and talents to give back to others and make the world a happier place.

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