5 Best Careers for Helping People

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Deciding what to do for the rest of your life is a daunting task. You always hear that you should do what you love, but for most, that piece of advice doesn’t give much direction. Instead, start by assessing what is most important to you. If maintaining a specific lifestyle is more important, then you can look for positions in the corporate business world. But, if helping others is the most important thing to you, then you have a wide range of jobs available to you to choose from.


  1. Social Worker:
  • Annual Salary–$26,730 to $85,190
  • Forecasted Job Growth: 19% of mental health and substance abuse, and 6.5% for children and family care.
  • Social Workers are on the frontlines to some of the most critical needs in the community. They are the ones who are the ground floor supporting non-profit organizations for the homeless and abused children and women. This occupation is highly rewarding because you can see immediate results from the actions that you take, but it can also be a very challenging job. There are so many people out there who are in desperate need of help, and sometimes there’s not enough time or resources.
  1. Substance Abuse Counselor:
  • Annual Salary–$26,210 to $85,190
  • Forecasted Job Growth: 22%
  • Opioid addiction is at its all time high in the United States. The CDC has labeled it an epidemic, and there are millions of Americans who need help. As a substance abuse counselor, you would provide individual and group therapy sessions for addicts and recovering addicts. You would also put in place programs to help prevent addiction and support other organizations that work with groups who are more prone to addiction. For example, you would most likely work with lower income schools and homeless shelters to put programs in place to stop the spread of addiction. It’s a highly rewarding job with seeing direct results from programs you put in place. On the other hand, it can be an emotionally draining job. To pursue this occupation, you should have healthy outlets in place to keep yourself in check.
  1. Special Education Preschool Educator
  • Annual Salary–$32,980 to $89,290
  • Forecasted Job Growth: 9%
  • Educators have a very important role in our society. It’s a big challenge to prepare our young minds for what lies ahead. Working with children with special needs is an even bigger responsibility. These young folks need extra care and attention to reach their learning and social goals. A Special Education Educator would tailor the lesson plan to accommodate each student to their current level of understanding. These educators work with their students on building comprehensive skill sets that they can carry through life.
  1. Corrections Officer:
  • Annual Salary–$28,500 to $74,630
  • Forecasted Job Growth: 4%
  • Corrections Officers help others by putting programs in place to prevent future crime patterns. Once someone is released from serving a sentence, he/she is assigned a Corrections Officer who works with them on integrating back into society in a healthy manner. Corrections Officers assist in locating job positions to give recently released people a means of supporting themselves. Officers also provide access to support groups and act as a form of accountability to ensure that they have built better habits. This position not only assists the former inmate, but also protects the local community from habitual crime.
  1. Physical Therapist
  • Annual Salary–$34,640 to $79,040
  • Forecasted Job Growth: 41%
  • The demand for physical therapists has sky-rocked thanks to the aging Baby Boomer generation. As a physical therapist, you assist clients post surgery or injury to return normal function back to their body. You specialize workouts and program specific stretches to fit each client’s needs. The goal is to get the person strong enough to function without crutches and pain. As medical procedures become more affordable, there will be a greater number of people who will need Physical Therapy care.


Our society is constantly changing, and with it, the needs in your local community change. Start helping others today by taking care of your neighbors. By coming alongside each other in work and in play, we can build a stronger and healthier country.

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